True Grit

As a learning and development professional a constant question that has followed me throughout my career has been, “What separates the exceptional from the best? How can people accomplish extreme measures? How does one become the best of the best?” As a life-long fan of Dr. Abraham Maslow, I am always seeking to understand why and how people succeed. But for those who exceed into the realm of exceptional, well; I think it comes down to ‘True Grit.’

True Grit – Determination
True Grit – Perseverance
True Grit – Passion
True Grit – Optimism

True Grit enables a person to harness the mentioned abilities to pull from within a strength enabling her/him to push through any activity, sport, traumatic experience, life challenge.
True Grit makes the impossible possible. It is a choice in which we all possess. You just have to dig deep enough to grab it!