The Gift of You

I think we are each ‘tasked’ at birth with the journey to truly understand ourselves, our purpose, our gift God bestowed upon us each. For many, it is like your shadow, always present yet not fully clear.

These thoughts were the foundation for my father and I to engage in many long wonderful conversations about what God desires us to do; what is my gift the Lord has bestowed upon me? For us, this was the ultimate understanding of self garnering the ability to celebrate this in our lives.

Despite being the author’s daughter, I have found myself needing to reread, “The Great Connection,” (TGC) and “Find Your Passion” (FYP). With this realization, I had the epiphany that my Papa had intended for us to reread these parables which not only enable us to know thyself and others, but to consistently support us learning our gift, our life’s purpose and our many passions. He understood life is not static, it is a continuously evolving journey.

It wasn’t until later in life I realized you can have multiple passions. I’d also thought once one achieved Self Actualization, the top of Dr. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you remained. If you are laughing, well, you must have also found that you can easily ascend and descend Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is also true that you can have multiple passions while serving your purpose. I find it exceedingly true that your purpose and passions ride in tandem throughout your life firmly planted in your gift. Ironically, the only obstacle to successfully gaining insight into what is your purpose and your passions is you.

My late father, Arnie Warren, once asked –

“How can you believe in that which you do not know?”

While working as a celebrity interviewer for the CBS-owned KMOX radio station in St. Louis, Arnie interviewed Dr. Robert Lefton of Psychological Associates. During the interview, Dr. Lefton explained the DISC behavioral styles model. This experience helped Arnie to finally understand himself and eventually his gift.

“The Great Connection” is my father’s story. His story shares so intimately how he learned what held him back, what propelled him forward and why he responded to certain environments. It set him free to truly understand his relationships, why others behave the way they do and how to best connect with others. You will see yourself and others play out in his story. This is what make his story gift one of two gifts he was destined to bring forth.

For many, “The Great Connection” serves as the most pivotal first step towards truly connecting us to who we are and why we do the things we do! Arnie’s story connects you to your strengths and to understand that which does not serve you so you can more consciously know thyself and tune in to your purpose.