One Life. Many Passions. The Gift of You was created to empower people to persevere through life’s challenges and to recognize who they are and the ‘gifts’ that reside in each of us. Our life’s journey is not defined by a single or series of moments nor is it confined to a single canvas of art, but can be a continuum of canvases woven together creating a lifetime.

My late father, Arnie Warren’s legacy of literary works enabled me to understand who I am, overcome the harshest of challenges, and to discover the gift within me. My gift is ‘to serve others’ as each have crossed my path, to listen to encourage to overcome their situation and be better for it.

This virtual oasis serves as a tipping point for many more to learn who they are, fuel their confidence, conquer their challenges, their fears, and discover their gifts- ultimately leading to a more fulfilled life in which you have chosen for yourself. This pursuit is anchored in two living resources: Luminaires to seek inspiration and your Azimuth to find your True North.

My father’s legacy is representative of both resources, “The Great Connection” and “Find Your Passion”. We present Arnie’s first two books- two parables- two quick reads which enable you to understand yourself, your purpose, your Gift and how to grow forward with both!

Our Books

Our quick read books continue to inspire thousands of people to step out of their comfort zones and answer, “Who am I?, “What is my purpose in life, my passions, my gift?” Arnie Warren’s uplifting and relatable stories are designed to be read and reread as we grow through the seasons of our lives so we may embrace our gifts to fulfill our purpose in life.

Arnie’s first book, “The Great Connection,”  is a part auto-biographical story whose characters reflect one of the four DISC behavioral styles. As you read this fast moving story, you will see yourself, friends, family, colleagues or bosses interacting in multiple situations and finally begin to understand who you are, as well as others. This book is designed to be reread as you need and includes a reference section to quickly  refresh your DISC knowledge.

Life long learners, entrepreneurs, human resource professionals, leaders, learning and development facilitators as well as spiritual and life coaches have found this book to be a great resource to solidify a person’s understanding of self and strengthen their confidence to know thyself and to become a more impactful communicator.

The Great Connection

The “The Great Connection” companion book, “The Great Connection Personal Action Guide, Relationships,” gives you clearer insight into yourself and others; helps you to begin relationships by understanding people’s styles, traits, and yes, their fear; and hones your DISC vocabulary skill to connect with people.

Communicate with clarity. Interact with confidence. Truly understanding yourself is an empowering experience, one that can open the door for you to more fully recognize and embrace your life’s purpose, your passions.

Find Your Passion

The “Find Your Passion,” is an inspirational story guiding you on your own reflection of natural talents, gifts and passion(s) to understand your purpose so you may embrace a fulfilled life. Can you have more than one passion? YES! As you grow throughout your life, your passions also expand. Arnie is proof, and like many of us, we have the unknowing unrealized ability to consistently reflect throughout life to recognize our passions and translate them to our work; our life’s purpose. “Find Your Passion,” is designed to be reread throughout your life. As you feel the need for a time out to delve into reflection of where you are in life, take a moment to refuel and reread this illuminating story. Guidance counselors, career coaches, life coaches, even parents are now utilizing this story to support people, their loved ones in their journey.

Your Living Resources

Living Resources is a timeless multimedia library sharing research and information helping people grow, heal, work through challenges, discover their gifts and find their life’s path. These resources have been categorized as Luminaries and Your Azimuth.

Arnie Warren - Author - The Great Connection


‘A person who inspires’

Luminaries are people whose gift is to inspire others through their actions. It is our hope that sharing our Luminaries that you will have the same wonderful impact.

Compass rose sketch style vector illustration. Old engraving imitation.

Your Azimuth

‘Find Your True North’

Aside from being a rather cool word, like life being a 360 dimension, an azimuth charts all degrees from celestial to longitude and latitude. I found this fitting to reflect here as this section is dedicated to enabling us each to chart our course in life acknowledging all of life’s aspects not just one. As we each know when one aspect of our life changes, it will instigate change in another aspect.