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PALLIUM BOOKS, LLC USA-based, is a devoted publishing and coaching organization helping people to recognize their passions, their gifts and to best understand themselves and others.

It is our passion to help people lead a more fulfilled life.

The late Arnie Warren was the initial trailblazer to help others to understand themselves, their potential then grow to be their best. His multi-faceted career served him well in best understanding human behavior, but also how to recognize your passions, your gifts and how to connect first with yourself, then others.

Arnie Warren - Author - The Great Connection

Arnie Warren, Founder

“One is fortunate in a creative life to have thoughtful, wise and dedicated friends who generously give of their talent, offer ideas and critiques, who care about complete strangers who will benefit from the effort. I offer my deepest thanks for their contributions.” ~ Arnie Warren (1934 – 2008)

Arnie was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts, United States. It was during his formative years he fell in love with being able to make people happy, serving as his first step toward becoming a multi-media professional inspiring people globally. He was a graduate of Northfield-Mount Hermon prep school in Massachusetts, attended Michigan State University, Boston University and graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Speech. Upon graduation, Arnie joined the Coralairs; a musical group traveling throughout the United States and even to Cuba. During the 60’s and 70’s he established himself as the foremost morning radio personality where his creation, ‘The Arnie and Amos Show,’ became a South Florida favorite for more than 13 years. Further expanding his entertainment career, Arnie was also seen hosting various local television programs, as an on camera presenter for local and national businesses and heard as a voice over talent for product promotions. Arnie was a member of the National Speakers Association and served as President of the Florida Speakers Association. He narrated books for the Library of Congress for the sight impaired from the Insight for the Blind studios in Florida, USA. In 2001 the Canadian National Institute for the Blind nominated Arnie for the TORGI (Talking Book of the Year) Award for his narration of the bestselling Home Town by Tracy Kidder. Arnie was also noted for being a life-long educator in which he became a Speech teacher at the University of Miami and taught TV production at Lindsey Hopkins Vocational School in South Florida. In 1985 he was hired by the CBS owned KMOX radio station in St. Louis to host the morning show, interviewing celebrities and politicians. It was his interview with Dr. Robert Lefton of Psychological Associates he first learned of the DISC behavioral styles model. This experience planted the seed for what would become his first book, “The Great Connection.” Arnie’s communication skills, disciplined research and respectful rapport struck with every guest he hosted earned his being named one of America’s top interviewers.

After retiring from radio, Arnie continued to pursue the art of communication. He created a Communications Skills course and conducted seminars on those skills plus behavioral styles for corporations across America and extended to the Pacific Rim. These experiences ultimately led Arnie to become an author.  At the time of Arnie’s death, he and his daughter, Leslie, were collaborating on additional topics as well as a novel. Leslie continues to progress the novel and other works to this date.


Linkedin Hdst Spring 2016Leslie Warren, Managing Principal

Leslie was born and raised in South Florida. At age five, she was given a chalkboard and inspired to become a teacher turning life-long educator. She is a dedicated driven talent development professional, natural teacher and coach transcending situations into progressive learning opportunities with impact. She is known as a proverbial sounding board for leadership establishing trust and reliability. Leslie’s creativity, collaborative style and strong listening skills have enabled her
to connect and engage amongst a wide diversity of professionals and variety of work styles.

Her projects encompass curriculum and program design, onboarding, talent development and process improvement initiatives. She has worked with national companies and organizations in varying industries which include education, military, sales and marketing, government consulting and professional services.

Leslie has been recognized for excellence with each organization she has had the pleasure being of service.

Leslie holds a Master in Education from Mercer University and a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Florida. She is a certified teacher and a certified DISC facilitator. Leslie has served her country as a United States Marine. She continues to serve her country through charitable efforts within her community.