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Career Transitions: Your Resume, Online Profile and Your Market Presence

Career transitions can be scary, especially if the are not planned. The job landscape in our country has not been the same since significant lay offs started to occur in 2008. Some of us have been through multiple lay offs to this date. Many very talented people have been let go to businesses being acquired, downsized or just closing their doors.

No matter the case, your professional resilience will see you through your current hurdles to another career destination. This is where we can help. There are lots of resume writing services and such; but we believe in coaching you through the entire process so you will present yourself in the marketplace with knowing your value, unity of voice and how to manage the job search, interview process and your cover letter and resume. We believe most of us will reinvent ourselves throughout our careers multiple times. With this belief, we want to teach you; not just provide you a one-time service; teach you so you will not have to return to us when you’d like to change jobs or you are placed in that unexpected position.

So, what does one of our coaching models look like? What would it cost?

Foundation Coaching Model: First, we will have a complimentary exploratory conversation to get to know you, understand you, your background and aspirations. From here, we discuss a plan. A sample plan could be: You know what job-type you want and need a resume, a cover letter. We review your information- things like your current resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and targeted job postings. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile we will discuss if it is appropriate for you to have one depending on your line of work. This would take a few conversations as we coach you through this revision process of your materials. Our invested time would be 5 hours; pricing would be $300.

Ready to get started? Please contact us, or via phone 202-957-4424 to schedule a complimentary appointment.

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