“THE GREAT CONNECTION should be required reading for all students about to enter the work force. It clearly shows the importance of knowing who you are and believing in yourself.”

Richard B. Hayter, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Dean of Engineering Kansas State University

“Similar to THE GREAT CONNECTION, “Find Your Passion” shares a lifelong learning process of ‘Access, Accept and Act.’ It forces readers to deliberately reflect and ask poignant questions while recognizing individuals’ full potential. In a world increasingly driven by money, “Find Your Passion” directs readers on a journey towards both happiness and employment.”

Dr. Dorothy Siaw-Asamoah, Professor, School of Management, Department of Organization and Human Resources Management, University of Buffalo

“Arnie Warren (“Find Your Passion”) has captured the essence of the career choice process and uses an intriguing and heart-warming story to achieve this end. Must reading for high school and college career counselors; and, yes, for unfulfilled adults as well.”

Ron White, Dean of Enrollment Management, Emmanuel College

“THE GREAT CONNECTION triggers and defines explanations for your own successes and failures. I recommend this for anyone who deals with people.”

Hank Goldberg, sports commentator, WQAM/ESPN-TV

“It is exciting to see the glow in students’ eyes as they make the connection between their abilities and their passion. “Find Your Passion” helps to solve this puzzle.”

Dr. Dorothy Siaw-Asamoah, Professor, School of Management, Department of Organization and Human Resources Management, University of Buffalo

I’m 51, and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!” (“Find Your Passion”)

Vice-President/Fortune 500 Company

“Arnie Warren’s THE GREAT CONNECTION is an invaluable tool in helping people learn how they can use DiSC to better connect and improve relationships with others in both their work and personal lives.  That’s why every one of our participants is issued a copy as a first-order reading assignment in our leadership development programs.”

Clint Camac, President, Leadership Development Network

“‘The style THE GREAT CONNECTION is written in is so engaging, so honest, so on target with things I have felt (and still do) that I can honestly say I learned more from reading your book than any I have in years.”

Rosita Perez, President Creative Living Programs, Inc.

“I love your characters – and I learn and learn and learn.” (“Find Your Passion”)

Renae Tolbert, Student Life Assistant, Simpson College

‘THE GREAT CONNECTION is a welcome change to discovering personality styles. It should be required reading for everyone entering the work force. Imagine figuring out your boss or co-worker within days instead of years.”

Victoria Northrup, Bombardier Motor Corporation of America

“Your passion will determine your destiny! Arnie Warren has a unique way of using a simple story to explain complex truths and concepts. A great book to help you focus on and find you passion.” (“Find Your Passioin”)

Stephen J. Baberadt, Jr., Director of Performing Arts Peabody Public Schools, Peabody, Massachusetts

“Your labor of love and believing is evident in your wonderful work, THE GREAT CONNECTION. It is always a pleasure for me to share this jewel of wisdom and insight with friends, family and business associates from around the world. Knowing it is translated into several languages makes it even better.”

George Hendley, Principal, George Hendley Presentations, Co-author “Meditations for the Road Warrior”