Personal Empowerment


You are here! This is the first step to more strongly understand yourself. Many people speak of personal empowerment without first getting to really know themselves.

My late father, Arnie Warren, once said –

“The definition of success is absolute belief in yourself.
But, how can you believe in that which you do not know?”

While working as a celebrity interviewer for the CBS-owned KMOX radio station in St. Louis, Arnie interviewed Dr. Robert Lefton of Psychological Associates. During the interview, Dr. Lefton explained the DISC behavioral styles model. This later became the catalyst for Arnie to write The Great Connection.

Despite Arnie’s many successes, The Great Connection is actually his story in how he learned what held him back, what propelled him forward and why he responded to certain environments. It set him free to truly understand his relationships, why others behave the way they do and how to best connect with others.

For many, The Great Connection serves as the profound first step towards personal empowerment. Arnie’s story enlightens you to understanding your strengths and understanding that which does not serve you so you can more consciously empower yourself.