Your Market Presence, Online Profile and Resume

Whether you are newly embarking on your first career, going through your fifth or more career transition or somewhere in between, it can be nerve racking; especially if the event is not planned. The career/job landscape in our country has not been the same since significant lay offs and companies closing started to occur in 2008. Some of us have been through multiple lay offs to this date. Many very talented people have been let go to businesses being acquired, downsized or just closing their doors. Many college graduates are choosing to go back to school or high school students altering their paths because of numerous aspects in the business world.

No matter the case, your professional resilience will see you through your current hurdles to another career destination. It is overwhelming to know how many avenues your profile can and will be seen. Matching your resume and any other activities should be in sync. This is where we can help.

There are lots of resume writing services and such; but we believe in coaching you through the entire process so you will present yourself in the marketplace with knowing: your value, unity of voice, how to manage the job search, interview process and your cover letter and resume. We believe most people will either recognize they have more than one passion or experience voluntary or involuntary career transitions in which they will need to reinvent themselves multiple times. With this belief, we want to teach you; not just provide you a one-time service. We want to teach you so you will not have to return to us when you’d like to change careers or need to change careers. We also hope you would pay it forward when a friend of family member experiences such professional quandaries.

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